December 2, 2017

KofC 12067 Council Family Carol Night 18 Dec 2017

Worthy Brothers

We invite you to our annual Family Carol Night on Monday 18 Dec 2017 after the 7:00pm Mass.
We will serve a light dinner at 8:00pm follow by Carol Singing.
Cost $10.00 per adult, children under 12 years free
Please RSVP so we can better estimate numbers.

Vivat Jesus
Bro. Philip Howland
Grand Knight

Council 12067

St. Francis Xavier Relic (arm)

Our parish has been blessed to be chosen to hold the exposition of St. Francis Xavier relic (arm).  Archbishop of Ottawa and the Jesuits (CCO) in Canada have arranged for the relic tour as a gift for Church in Canada, closing our 150th anniversary. SFX Relic will be at our parish on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

We need volunteers for inside and outside of the church to help with ushering of visitors from 9:00am to 10:00pm on Saturday 13 January 2018.
Please reply to me and advise what time you can attend and help to usher the visitors to the parish.

>>click here to view details on CBC Canada

ICON of the Holy Family

Our District 102 will be receiving the travelling ICON of the Holy Family on December 31, 2017 to January 28, 2018

Joseph Remedios PGK, District Deputy 102, has scheduled for our Council to receive the ICON at our Church for the following time:

ST Francis Xavier:               December 31, 2017 - January 05, 2018
Credit Valley Council:           January 5, 2018     - January 10, 2018
ST Faustina Council:            January 10,2018     - January 16, 2018
Our Lady of Mount Carmel:  January 16, 2018    - January 22, 2018
ST Josephine Bakhita:         January 22, 2018     - January 28, 2018

My request to each of you is that a rosary should be planned for each day the ICON is in our Church and that we recite the prayer that is travelling with the ICON, we have to promote this in the Council and  have every day a different Brother & his Family  lead the Rosary and prayer.

Brothers yes, this is a very busy time of year, however we can definitely sacrifice some time to pray together and prove the Principles of our Founder.

Thank you and God Bless,

Vivat Jesus
Bro. Philip Howland
Grand Knight
Council 12067

October 30, 2017


20th Anniversary Dinner Dance 2017
This Sold Out Event was enjoyed by everybody that attended.  The Music was supplied by Music Blitz (Bro. Reynold’s band) and they played all-night.

All the Past Grand Knights were acknowledged for their contribution to the building of our Council over the last 20 years.
1.      Matthew Rodrigues our Charter GK
2.      Anthony D’Souza
3.      Fred Gamboa
4.      Gabriel Ogunddele
5.      Marcel Lemmen
6.      Valens Almeida
7.      Simon Mendes
8.      Joseph Remedios
9.      Edwin D’Cruz
10.    Patrick Bajar

2 plaques with the names of our past Grand Knights and our Deseeded members will be installed on the wall adjacent to our Charter near the entrance to the main Hall. Thanks to Brother Valens for coordinating the plaques.

Thanks to our neighbouring Councils and their Grand Knights for supporting our Council.
St. Faustina    -          Grand Knight Benny Bixenman
St. Josephine Bakita - Grand Knight Jean-Claude Cadieux
Credit Valley -            Grand Knight Roman Lim
Cristo Rai –                Grand Knight Dereyk Rego
Mount Carmel -          Grand Knight David Long
Our District 102 Warden Joseph Remedios & District Warden Jose Fernandes

Thanks to The Dinner Dance Committee’s hard work over the past 2 months :
·        Savio Pereira chair,
·        Valens Almeida Co-Chair,
·        Ernest Cordeiro,
·        Terry Alweyn Treasurer,
·        Luis Gomes
·        Kelvin Netto.

The 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Lowville Golf Club was played over the summer, where the Matthew Rodrigues Memorial Trophy was awarded & raised fund for our selected local charities.
Thanks to the committee that ran this special event:
·        Victor D’Souza Chair,
·        Brian Fernandes,
·        Luis Gomes,
·        Valens Almeida,
·        John Tavares,
·        Pepito D’Souza
·        Leandro Saldanha.

The funds raised were donated to our 3 selected Charities for this year.
·        Vita Centre for pregnant and parenting youth,
·        Our local Society of St. Vincent de Paul dedicated to helping those less fortunate
·         Dr. Simone - CFFC Canadian Food for Children and Silent Children fund.

Last month we hosted Our 2nd OES recycling event where we again collect over 8.4 tonnes of electronic devices. The raised funds will be donated to the Parish.

Thanks to Kelvin Netto’s work over the complete weekend to loading of the container and trucks.